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Welcome to the
Ancient Cats Club

The Ancient Cats Club is a private collection of 2800 Ancient Cats NFTs— unique digital collectibles. The Ancient Cats are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

With more than 180+ high quality 3D attributes, each NFT is unique and comes with an exclusive access to the Ancient Cats Club, a group of successful investors that will take over the world and establish a new empire. Join an ambitious ever-growing community with multiple benefits and utilities.

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An example of Ancient Cats
An another example of Ancient Cats

Ancient Cats Club Lore's Summary

Thousands of years after Ancient Egypt has fallen, a mysterious cosmic event activated the pyramids: a powerful beam of energy emerged and opened an interstellar portal to a planet in the constellation of Orion.

Aliens came out of the portal, it was the long awaited resurgence of the Ancient Cats Club. The humanoid Sphynx Cats once revered as gods have returned to reign and establish a new Era Empire.

The question becomes: will the modern-day world worship the Ancient Cats Club once more?

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Our art is unique

Unique Art

Each Ancient Cat is algorithmically generated from more than 180 attributes.

Our art is unique


The Ancient Cats Club is all about community and common success.

Our art is unique


The story of the ancient cats club has been going for thousands of years and will always be evolutive with more chapters to be revealed.

Our art is unique


When you choose the Ancient Cats Club, you choose safety. They are here to stay.

Our art is unique


Loyal members of the Ancient Cats Club will be rewarded.

Our art is unique

Collective Mind

Holders access to exclusive and private channels that are all about upcoming good opportunities.

The Arrival Phase | Launch Roadmap


The preparation

The Ancient Cats are still waiting and preparing for the constellation of Orion to perfectly align with the Pyramids of Giza so that the interstellar portal can open up and they can finally return to Earth.


The Legends

Legendary Figures of the Ancient Cats Club will make theirselves known, with them comes great powers and even greater benefits.


The Distribution

To prepare for their arrival and build a base of supporters, the Ancient Cats are organizing events, contests, giveaways and will provide wealth for the true believers thanks to their interstellar tech.


The Cosmic Event

The cosmic event has finally came. The constellation of Orion is perfectly aligned with the pyramids and the Ancient Cats Club is finally back on earth to build a new era Empire.


The Treasury

The Sphinx Fund will be setup and available to finance community artists and and creators. But also especially project’s expansion, creations, designs and development. Also 1% of the Opensea royalties will be dedicated to this special fund, thus ensuring the Club’s longevity.


The Mastermind

The Club takes care of its members. Exclusive business channels about investments and business will be opened for holders. The best speakers and opinion leaders in areas like crypto, investments and business will be invited to share their knowledge and private infos.


The Ancients Cats Way

As in ancient Egypt, the Ancient Cats like to establish their style, which is why there will also be a collection of digital and physical Merch for the true believers.


The Stellar Party

An exclusive Ancient Cats Club yacht party will be organized in Dubai to reward the true believers and to announce the next move of the club and to prepare for chapter II.

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The New Era
Empire Phase
Development Roadmap

The Ancient Cats Club has been around for thousands of years and is here to stay to build a new era empire on Earth like they did before. The New Era Empire Phase has been announced on our Discord Channel. Check it out there! As always true believers in the Ancients Cats will be rewarded. Be ready!

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Our Team

The Ancient Cats Club was created by a team of digital and tech experts: Entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, Marketing wizards, Artists, Advisors, Investors… We are committed to delivering the best experience and making this project a true success.



The Architect



The Marketer



The Artist



The Artist



The Developer



The Discord Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ancient Cats Club?


The Ancient Cats Club is a private collection of 2800 Ancient Cats NFTs— unique digital collectibles. The Ancient Cats are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each NFT is unique and provides full commercial rights.

When is the launch?


Pre-Sale Date: November 27th at 3PM PST | 6PM EST | 11PM UTC.

Public Sale Date: November 28th at 4PM PST | 7PM EST | 12AM UTC.

What will be the mint price?


Pre-Sale Price: 0.10 ETH.

Public Sale Price: Dutch Auction starting at 0.2 ETH & ending at 0.15 ETH.

Dutch Auction is a reversed auction, the price will start at 0.2 ETH for the first 6 hours, then drop to 0.15 ETH and stabilizes there until sold out.

How are you planning to use the funds from the mint and royalties?


We will use the funds to expand our team: 3D artists, developers, project managers and game developers. Doing so will allow us to build exclusive virtual 3D experiences, new ways to reward our community, expand the story and universe of the project to another level, and of course increase awareness of our project through marketing.

When will my Ancient Cat NFT be revealed?


The Ancient Cats Club NFTs will be 72h after the public sale.

Will there be a presale?


A presale will be held 24 hours before the public mint. 1000 NFTs will be available for 1000 whitelisted VIP members of the community. Join our discord for a chance to be whitelisted.

Why do we need royalties?


The amount of royalties was fixed at 8% to finance the Ancient Cats Club projects and the New Era Empire expansion. The funds collected will benefit the holders through how they are spen t to increase the popularity and strength of the project. Also, exclusive events for the holders will be organized in top cities of the world. This percentage can decrease over time.

How many NFTs can I mint?


Presale members will be able to mint 1 NFTs during the first 6 hours of the presale and 2 more if there is still available after 6 hours, this is limited to 1000 members. Up to 1000 NFTs will be minted during presale.

During our public launch on November 28th at 3PM PST | 6PM EST | 11PM UTC, 2800 NFTs will be available. Each transaction will be limited to 10 NFTs.

The New Era Empire Is Coming

The Ancient Cats Club has returned and will establish its leadership and empire over the world as it had before. Join us now on Discord!

Let's build the Empire